K-6 Elementary School

In this particular project, Incoa was hired to provide BIM services. Due to our know-how and expertise on the wood framing area, we were able to sort all the issues that arose while working on the project and still met the established deadline. Also, as an ISO 9001 certified company, we were able to guaranty both quality assurance and quality control.

Sagewood Independent Living Building

Located at 4555 East Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ., Sagewood continuing care retirement community, a new four-story independent building, totals about 300,000 sf. It has been constructed over a post-tensioned concrete podium deck and underground parking. Our scope of work included concrete, wood and steel framing BIM modeling to LOD400. In this project, we worked together with architects and MEP engineers.

Burnsville Clinic

The new Bursnville Clinic is a 84,000 sf. building, which lies on 14000 Fairview Dr. Burnsville street, MN. The scope of work consisted of LOD400 steel framing BIM modeling. For the BIM creation of ceilings and walls models (both interior and exterior), we worked together with MEP engineers

Harvest Hill Middle School Building

This 13,000 sf educational building is sited in 31600 Pat Road, in Winchester, CA. The project consisted on the construction of a new classrooms building. Our scope of work included wood and steel framing modeling. To this end, we coordinated BIM modeling in tandem with architects and MEP engineers. 

Structural Engineering projects:

El Dorado Residence

Located at El Dorado Ave., Oakland, CA., this residence totals 4800 sf. and consists of three new 2-story, wood framed apartment buildings with an attached garage in each. The scope of work included full structural engineering design, with structural drawings and calculations, and the purpose of the project was a full structural design for city approval and construction.

Petaluma Blvd

This project consisted of the seismic retrofit of an existing URM commercial building in Petaluma Blvd., CA. The scope of work of the construction, which totaled roughly 10,000 sf., included the design of special moment frames and ordinary braced frames to provide supplemental lateral capacity to the existing walls and their connections. Other services included the replacement of both a partial mezzanine framing and the existing roof.

Technical Information Incoa

Access Youth Academy

This time, we worked on a project in Access Youth Academy, a non-profit organization situated in 704-740 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA. The size of the project totaled 22,000 sf. The project consisted on the construction of a new 2-story, mixed-use building with classrooms, offices, squash courts and support spaces. We were responsible for the structural drafting of a set of structural construction drawings.

Technical Information Incoa

Hyatt Centric

This 145,000 sf, six-story building is sited in 409 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA. Within this mixed-use building (it functions as a hotel, restaurant and retail), our scope of work consisted of aluminum curtain walls and storefronts shop drawings.

AC Hotel South San Francisco

Located at South San Francisco, CA., this six-story hotel totals 111,500 sf, 187 bedrooms and a bioretention area for storm water. Our scope of work included shop drawings of aluminum curtain walls.

Stanford Chem-H

A research laboratory placed in 290 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA., it totals roughly 231,000 sf., has three stories and a terrace. The laboratory will house the Stanford Institutes: Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) and Neuroscience (SNI). Our scope of work includes aluminum curtain walls shop drawings.

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